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  • How To Get Your First Pull-Up

    Pull-ups are my favorite exercise because they are a great way to improve both strength and endurance. They do this by engaging some of the larges...
  • The Benefits of Doing Pull-Ups

    Pull-ups are an excellent upper body and core strengthening exercise. They are very simple to perform; all you need is a sturdy bar. To do a pull-u...
  • How I Invented the Lev Fitness Pull-up Bar Wrap

    I’ve been doing pull-ups as part of my workout routine for 20 years (ouch, just typing that makes me feel old!). This is a great exercise because it works arms, core, back, and grip, with almost no equipment needed. The problem that I have is that my grip strength is generally the first thing that fatigues. I’ve had the idea bouncing around in my head for a few years to wrap leather pieces around a pull-up bar. First, I tried to find it for sale, but it didn’t exist! So I bought some supplies online and got to work.