About My Company, Lev Fitness

About Me

Mitch, founder of Lev Fitness

I started working out when I was on my high school track and football teams 20 years ago. Since then I’ve gotten into all kinds of different routines, from power lifting to spin classes to CrossFit to running. I feel like changing up my workouts every so often keeps it fresh and fun. Right now I’m getting back into weightlifting, with some running and CrossFit thrown in. My wife and I live in the small town Holly Ridge, North Carolina, just North of Wilmington. We really like all of the outdoor activities here, like biking, boating, golfing, fishing, and spending time with friends. (Mitch, founder of Lev Fitness)

The Idea

I’ve been doing pull-ups as part of my workout routine for years, and it is one of my favorite exercises. The problem was that I couldn’t do too many at a time without risking a torn callus or two (I would also slip off the bar whenever my bare hands would get sweaty!). I’ve used different products like gloves, grips, tape, and chalk, but none of these things really worked for me. I wanted a sort of leather-tape hybrid that I could leave on my pull-up bar. It didn’t exist, so I ordered some leather and Velcro online and built what I needed.

The Business

A few friends of mine were over, saw my wraps, and asked me where I bought them. I like working with my hands, so I quick made a couple of my Frankenstein wraps to give to them. Their interest got me thinking that maybe I was on to something here. I looked into what it would take to manufacture, sell, and ship my wraps; this looked like something I could do!

Product Launch

Pull-Up Bar Wraps

Starting a business took a lot more effort than I thought it would, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I filed for a patent (currently patent-pending), formed an LLC, built my website using Shopify, and started connecting with athletes on Facebook and Instagram. I also found an awesome manufacturer and went through what felt like a hundred prototypes until I had exactly what I wanted. Going live with my website was the culmination of months of work, but the feeling I got when I shipped my first sale made it all worthwhile.

The Wraps

Lev Wraps
The wraps that I developed
use the thinnest piece of real leather that I could get my hands on. I didn’t want them to add any bulk to the bar. I also made sure to sew the Velcro in a way that allows the wraps to tighten on themselves as you do pull-ups (the key is to make sure you can read the logo while hanging on the bar). I’ve been using these wraps for about a year now, and I absolutely love them! I finally have a product that protects the skin of my hands and allows me work until my arms and back are fatigued, not my grip. I also really like that as my palms get sweaty, I don’t lose my grip and slip off the pull-up bar. I really hope that you try these out and love them as much as I do!