Product Overview

Our genuine leather pull-up bar wraps are made of the thinnest leather that we could find. They secure directly to your pull-up bar, meaning you don't need to wear gloves or straps on your hands. They protect the skin of your hands and make the bar easier to grip, especially with sweaty palms. The wraps are less than 2mm thick because we didn’t want them to add any bulk to the bar. We also made sure to sew the Velcro in a way that allows the wraps to tighten on themselves as you do pull-ups (the key is to make sure you can read the logo while hanging from the bar with an overhand grip).

With our wraps there is no need for chalk, gloves, or tape. You can secure them to your bar long-term, or put them up only when you need them.

Secure Fit: These wraps fit securely around your pull-up bar and tighten themselves as you use them.

Patent Pending: These wraps are our own design.

Durable Construction: Our pull-up bar wraps are made of 100% genuine leather.

Dimensions: Each order comes with 2 wraps that are 6 inches wide and fit bars that are 1-1.25” in diameter.

Measuring Instructions: To check if these wraps will fit your pull-up bar, wrap a piece of paper around your bar and mark with a pencil. Measure the mark with a ruler. If it is between 4½ and 5 inches, these wraps will fit.